GED Programming

GED and expected outcome:

Keep Your Change, a 501(c)(3) organization is dedicated to educating youth so they can recognize and achieve their potential.  We are therefore planning to establish an HSE/GED learning center, at our facility at the Quintyne Community Center located at 1 Commerce Blvd. Amityville NY. This site will prepare students, ages 17 and older for the NYS HSC/GED exam.  

Our ultimate goal is to serve as a test preparation site, and the site for computer-based testing.  Since KYC primarily serves minority and special education learners, we utilize research-based strategies and tools to meet their educational needs.  As you can see from the GED reporting database information, there is an overall 70% passing rate for white students and a 40% passing rate for African American/Hispanic students; a 30% disparity.  Because Keep Your Change (KYC) provides educational support for special education learners, our learning center will fulfill a very much needed void. As of 2018, Nassau County’s special education students’ High School graduation rates trail the general education students by 16% (90% v. 74%, respectively) and by 18% for Suffolk County’s special education students’ (91% v. 73%, respectively). We believe that any concerns can be addressed through transparency and on-site monitoring to ensure the test is not compromised and provides an equitable opportunity for all individuals.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the college application rate for students in underserved communities has dropped significantly. These students are not successfully completing high school requirements for many reasons. Our GED program will help provide the services needed by this new group of people not receiving a HS diploma. GED classes have started, and applications are available at Quintyne Community Center located at 1 Commerce Blvd. Amityville NY.

Or visit the application here: GED Candidate Application.docx