Handbook & Code of Conduct


Dear Valued Team Member,

Welcome to our Keep Your Change Inc. team. We are confident that you will contribute to the success of our mission, and share our commitment to achieving our goals as stated in our mission statement. Keep Your Change Inc. provides a place where all children feel nurtured and confident in their potential to succeed. KYC provides families with a quality education  support program, with innovative programs and individual attention that all parents desire for their children. As part of the team, we hope you will discover that the pursuit of excellence in providing the highest quality education to our scholars is a rewarding aspect of your career here. 

We are very pleased to make this handbook available to you as a practical reference and resource to guide you through your tenure at KYC.  This handbook contains information on key policies and procedures, and other relevant information regarding your rights and responsibilities, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for choosing KYC.


Kim Patrick Harris Dr. Pam Robinson Allen

Chief Executive Director Education Director 


The Keep Your Change Inc. academic support program is committed to delivering quality educational services in a safe and orderly environment. Responsible behavior by students, teachers, counselors, parents and other visitors is important to achieving this goal. This behavior includes the KYC Core Values of: respect, responsibility, cooperation, integrity and empathy. KYC’s goal is to create an academic culture where all members of the community (students, parents, teachers, counselors, staff) feel that they belong. The Keep Your Change Inc. strives to foster positive relationships among its students. Good teaching integrates content with comprehension, while also addressing students’ social and emotional growth. KYC members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the KYC Core Values. Participating in KYC means that everyone must understand and integrate the importance of these values. In order to create a community that is healthy, productive, inclusive and fun, all members of the community must adhere to the Core Values. The Core Values should be integrated into daily interactions between students, teachers, parents and staff, regardless of position, status or role. We expect an abundance of generosity, good will, spirit and acceptance by all in KYC.


The Keep Your Change Inc. is committed to upholding the rights afforded to its students under the law. In addition to promoting a safe, healthy, orderly and civil environment, all students have the right to:

  1. Take part in all activities on an equal basis and not be subjected to harassment or bullying by employees or other students in the Center, or at any function or subjected to discrimination based on their actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex.
  2. Present their version of the relevant events to KYC personnel prior to imposition of any dismissal or penalty.
  3. Be apprised of KYC rules and, when necessary, receive an explanation of those rules from KYC personnel.


All students have the responsibility to:

  1. Contribute to maintaining a safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning and to show respect to other persons and property, including demonstrating the five Core Values.
  2. Be familiar with, and abide by, all KYC policies, rules and regulations.
  3. Attend KYC every day they are scheduled to attend, and be on time and prepared to learn.
  4. Work to the best of their ability in all academic pursuits and to strive toward their highest possible level of achievement.
  5. Respond to directions given by teachers, tutors, counselors, administrators and other KYC  personnel in a respectful, positive manner honoring the Core Values.
  6. Ask questions.
  7. Seek help.
  8. Wear safe shoes,  No Flip-Flops.
  9. Accept responsibility for their actions.
  10. No use of demeaning or derogatory language.
  11. Respect KYC property and the property of others.
  12. Conduct themselves as representatives of KYC when participating in or attending KYC-sponsored events including, but not limited to, group events, and to hold themselves to appropriate standards of conduct, and sportsmanship.



All parents/guardians are expected to:

  1. Recognize that the education of their child is a joint responsibility of the parent/guardian, child, the community, and KYC.
  2. Send their children to KYC ready to participate and learn.
  3. Ensure their children attend KYC regularly and on time.
  4. Know school rules and Core Values and help their children understand them.
  5. Convey to their children a supportive attitude toward education.
  6. Help their children deal effectively with peer pressure.
  7. Should feel free to discuss with KYC staff any changes in the home that may affect student conduct or performance.
  8. Provide a place for study at home.


All teachers, tutors, and counselors are expected to:

  1. Maintain a climate of mutual respect and dignity, which will strengthen each students' self-concept and promote confidence to learn.
  2. Be prepared to teach.
  3. Demonstrate interest in teaching and concern for student achievement.
  4. Know the Core Values and practice, model and enforce them in a fair and consistent manner.
  5. Present themselves professionally as positive and appropriate role models.


The Education Leader is expected to:

  1. Maintain a climate of mutual respect and dignity, which will strengthen each students' self-concept and promote confidence to learn.
  2. Promote a safe, orderly, and stimulating academic environment, supporting active teaching, listening and learning.
  3. Ensure that KYC students and staff have the opportunity to communicate regularly with the Education Leader.
  4. Evaluate on a regular basis all KYC instructional programs.
  5. Work to create instructional programs that are sensitive to student needs.


The Board of Trustees is expected to:

  1. Collaborate with directors, to support the goals of KYC.
  2. Review and adopt revisions to the Code of Conduct, policies and procedures.


All students are expected to dress appropriately. Students and their parents have the primary responsibility for acceptable student dress and appearance. Students and parents may determine how the student shall dress, however, attire should comply with requirements for health and safety, and should not interfere with the educational process or impinge on the rights of others.



All students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and civil manner, with proper regard for the rights and welfare of other students, KYC personnel, and other members of the KYC community, and for the care of the Quintyne Center property and facilities.


  1. Suspension from KYC
  1. At the discretion of the Education Leader or his/her designee, a student may be suspended from KYC for a period five (5) days to expulsion.
  2. Prior to suspension, the student shall be provided with an opportunity to explain the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged infraction.
  3. Upon imposition of suspension, the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be notified of the dates of the suspension or expulsion and the reasons therefore. The parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be given an opportunity for a conference with the Education Leader and any appropriate teachers or staff, if desired.


A student may be searched at the center,  at a KYC-sponsored event or activity, or on a KYC transport vehicle, when there is a reason to believe that the student is engaging in any activity which is in violation of KYC rules and/or is illegal. Items that are prohibited at the center, or which may be used to disrupt or interfere with the educational process, may be removed from the student by KYC employees.


Computers, and other KYC storage places provided by KYC for student use: Students must have a waiver and permission slip signed by a parent/guardian to use computers. The student does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to computers, and other KYC storage areas. These are subject to search at any time by KYC officials without prior notice to students, and without their consent.


If parents/guardians have an academic or social concern, they should contact the Education Leader. In general, the Education Leader will work with the teacher, tutor, counselor, and parents/guardians to resolve any conflict that arises.


Anyone who is not a regular employee or student of KYC will be considered a visitor. All visitors are required to sign in on a visitor sign-in sheet, and to abide by all of KYC's rules and procedures. Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave and local law enforcement may be contacted if the situation warrants. Visitors attending KYC functions that are open to the public are required to abide by all of KYC's rules and procedures.


The Keep Your Change Academic Support Program will provide a dynamic and richly individualized educational experience for all children. We seek, to foster the greatest possible development of each child, to teach responsibility; and to promote within each student a lifelong love for learning and for the continued betterment of self and the world. The mission of the Keep Your Change Academic Support Program, is to provides homework support, individualized reading and math development, literacy and related educational services to students ages 8 to 18, during the academic school year, and in an academic support day camp in the months of July and August. We are encouraging children to attend school by completing their homework and preparing for their daily academic challenges. We believe that if we help children prepare for school by understanding and completing their homework, we can increase school success, improve attitudes towards school, improve attendance, decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates. KYC will also provide cultural enrichment opportunities and exposure to a variety of professional choices.


If you lose money and/or personal property, the School is not responsible for reimbursing or replacing money or personal property.  It is your responsibility to exercise good judgment in safeguarding your possessions.  If you lose money and/or personal property, report it to your supervisor as soon as you discover the loss.  


During periods of adverse weather, KYC may cancel programming for students, or close earlier than the normal time. 

KYC will follow the local school districts decision to cancel after school activities. Information about the local schools will be on radio and TV stations that carry announcements for emergency school closing:

  • News 12                
  • Local radio stations 

An emergency call chain will be distributed to all KYC staff. In the event of emergency closing the call chain will be used to notify all staff. 


The initial volunteer / employment period is an opportunity for the Education Leader to carefully consider whether the volunteer / employee is able to meet the expectations and standards of the job. Also, this initial volunteer / employment period allows the volunteer / employee to gain knowledge of KYC, the responsibilities of their position and to receive training. The initial volunteer / employment period begins on the first day of volunteer / employment and concluding after a satisfactory evaluation.

You may be discharged at any time during this period if the Education Leader concludes that you are not progressing or performing satisfactorily. At all times during a volunteers / employment with KYC, volunteer / employment is not for any specific time and may be terminated at will, with or without cause and without prior notice.

At the end of the initial volunteer / employment period, the Education Leader may discuss the volunteer / employee performance.  Provided the job performance is a “satisfactory” at the end of the initial volunteer / employment period, the volunteer / employee will continue as a volunteer / employee as an at-will KYC team member.


To ensure that a volunteer / employee, performs their job to the best of their abilities, it is important that a volunteer / employee be recognized for good performance and receive appropriate suggestions for improvement, when necessary.  Each a volunteer / employee, will receive a minimum of an annual performance evaluation.



All KYC team members are mandated reporters according to New York State law. As such, any situation in which there is “reasonable cause to suspect” that a child is abused or maltreated is subject to report. 

Reporting Abuse and/or Maltreatment

KYC requires that any suspected abuse be immediately reported to the Education Leader. All concerns will be examined using the definitions put forth by New York State Office of Children and Family Services. The Education Leader or designee, in conjunction with the volunteer / employee who observed the specific situation, will call in any situations that meet the criteria established by New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and New York State Education Department. 

Suspicion of Child Abuse or Maltreatment Occurring at CDCH 

If anyone, regardless of position or job description, sees any child whether the child is just visiting or is a student at KYC, being maltreated or abused it is essential that the incident be immediately reported to the KYC Education Leader or designee. In the event that neither of those team members is  present, every attempt should be made to reach them by phone to discuss the situation. All situations where there is reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment must be reported to the Statewide Central Registry of Child Abuse and Maltreatment. The Education Leader or designee will assist the volunteer / employee who actually witnessed the incident in making the call. 

When an allegation of abuse is made regarding any member of the KYC volunteer / employee staff a comprehensive written investigation will be completed by the Education Leader or designee. While such investigation is being completed the volunteer / employee involved will be on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation.  All facts will be reviewed with the Executive Director and Board of Directors. The OCFS will be notified, as per state requirements, within 24 hours of the allegation. The written report will be submitted to the OCFS or other local authority and the Executive Director and Board of Directors. Any disciplinary action necessary will be taken and any policy or procedure changes necessary to insure such a situation does not recur will also be implemented based upon the recommendations in the written report and the approval of the Executive Director and Board of Directors in consultation with OCFS.  If allegations prove unfounded the volunteer / employee will be returned to regular involvement in KYC. Every effort will be made to complete investigations as promptly as possible. 


Volunteers / employees will be given an opportunity to schedule CPR and 1st Aide training as their schedule allows.

Volunteers / employees will be given an opportunity to schedule training on the subscription computer academic programs used by the KYC according to the needs as seen by the Education Leader and as the volunteer / employee’s schedule allows. 

Counselors will be provided with one day of  code of conduct training on the week prior to summer camp opening. 

Child Supervision Policy

Children cannot be left without competent supervision at any time in the KYC facility. Competent supervision includes awareness of and responsibility for the ongoing activity of each child. It requires that all children be within a counselor’s, instructor’s. volunteers. employee’s, range of vision, except when the child is in the stall in the bathroom. Competent supervision will take into account the child’s age, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Personnel Policy

Accepting all volunteers / employees are interviewed by the Education Leader and all applications are vetted by the Department of Labor or the KYC Board of Directors. Work Schedules of volunteers / employees are flexible, based on the needs of the student population and the availability of the volunteer / employee.  Performance Assessments will be given by the Education Leader, with ongoing informal support and mutual discussion of the needs of the students. Anti-Discriminatory Policies of KYC are to keep the work environment free from excessive drama, bullying or discrimination, helping volunteers / employees ensure a healthy work environment, anti-discriminatory. These practices are maintained at all times. 

KYC has a zero tolerance for any implications of threats or discrimination to any person by sexual harassment, discrimination based on orientation, religion, denying political freedom, or cultural acceptance.


KYC is committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment.  In this connection, KYC makes every effort to comply with relevant federal and state occupational health and safety laws and to develop the best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and the programs conductive to such an environment.

Health Care Plan Guidelines

KYC  staff  will, at the parents written request and instruction help the student administer non-prescription medication including pain relievers, cough syrups and oral analgesics, over-the-counter topical ointments, sunscreen and topically applied insect repellant. KYC staff  staff will not administer any other product or medication. Parents are required to not bring students that are not healthy, including mildly ill children, moderately ill children and children with special health care needs. 

KYC is requesting a waiver that allows a caregiver to administer an epinephrine auto injector, nebulizer and/or inhaler, for non-MAT certified individuals for severe allergic reactions (anaphylactic shock) and asthma, according to the terms of the waiver.

KYC policy is aimed at minimizing the exposure of our team members, students, and other visitors to health or safety risks.  To accomplish this objective, all KYC team members are expected to work diligently to maintain safe and healthful working conditions and to adhere to proper operating practices and procedures designed to prevent injuries and illnesses. 


We try to practice safe work habits, but sometimes people pay little attention until the tragic moment of an accident.  By then, it may be too late.  You can be seriously injured if you don't learn the possible hazards of your job, if you neglect to use the safety devices provided, or if you fail to follow the safety regulations that have been established for your protection.  Please learn and follow these safety rules:

  1. NO Smoking;
  2. Report all cuts and injuries, no matter how slight;
  3. Don't run or engage in any horseplay;
  4. Always ask for instructions before using any type of equipment or performing any task you're not entirely familiar or experienced with;
  5. Keep stairs, aisles, halls and walkways free from refuse, furniture, electric cords, or obstacles; 


To maintain a safe and comfortable working environment and to ensure compliance with applicable laws, smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises. 

Code of Conduct for Keep Your Change Inc. Academic Support Program

  1. Respect: All attendees of the academic support program, including parents and scholars, must respect the rights, property, and well-being of others. This includes refraining from verbal or physical abuse, bullying, or harassment. Scholars will express respect for all others, refraining from bullying, rude or hurtful comments and questions.


  1. Responsibility: Attendees of the academic support program are expected to be responsible for their own actions and decisions, and to follow all rules and guidelines set forth by Keep Your Change Inc. and the academic support program. Scholars will be responsible for cleaning their area, including any litter, wrappers, spills, utensils, and dishes used when eating snacks in the rooms. Scholars will not go to the restrooms unescorted by a counselor or teacher.


  1. Attendance: Parents are expected to attend at least one night per week of the academic support program to observe their students' work habits, unless prior arrangements have been made with the program coordinator. Scholars are expected to attend all scheduled sessions of the academic support program, and to arrive on time.


  1. Behavior: Attendees of the academic support program are expected to behave in a manner that is conducive to learning and respectful of others. Any inappropriate behavior that results in damage to property will be the responsibility of the parent, and may result in disciplinary action. The cost of repairs will also be the responsibility of the parent. The first incident of inappropriate behavior will result in a two-day suspension, the second incident will result in a full week suspension, and the third incident will result in dismissal from the program.


  1. Communication: Attendees of the academic support program are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly with the program coordinator and other attendees. Any concerns or issues should be raised in a respectful manner.


  1. Confidentiality: All information shared within the academic support program, including academic progress and personal information, will be kept confidential and will not be shared outside of the program without prior consent. Parent/guardian will inform the KYC executive director of any medication the scholar is taking for behavior or emotional support. 


By participating in the Keep Your Change Inc. academic support program, parents and scholars agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and to follow all rules and guidelines set forth by the program. Failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the program.


Reviewed, Discussed, Signed and Agreed Upon by:


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Keep Your Change Inc. Executive Director



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