The Purpose, or desired outcomes of Keep Your Change Inc. is to teach students how to be successful in the classroom and provide them with the academic and social skills to effectively function and thrive in an academic setting and in mainstream society. 

We encourage students to take their future in their own hands. Keep Your Change Inc. will foster academic achievement, build character, self esteem, self confidence, self respect and respect for others, which will result in strong cohesive communities.  The work of Keep Your Change Inc. will empower students and have a positive impact on future generations.

When applicable we will assess academic levels, determine the students academic goals and objectives, and assist the students in achieving and maintaining their academic potential.

Keep Your Change

Chef Mr. Louis instructs the class in cooking

Cooking Thursday Evenings !

Arguably, the ones to suffer the largest disturbance because of the Covid-19 pandemic are our scholars. KYC has developed a program designed for HS seniors and juniors. 

Our 7-week summer program is targeted to five key subject areas that we believe will assist our scholars in taking their next steps. This intense program will include Zoom instruction from qualified instructors as well as supporting work. 

Applicants must be committed to academic excellence. Parent/guardian must agree to the program.

We are confident that this will be a life changing academic experience for those lucky enough to get in.