Application for Teachers for the GED program at KYC

Keep Your Change Inc. GED Program

Teacher Requirements


About Keep Your Change Inc.

Keep Your Change Inc. (KYC) is a 5019(c)(3) academic support program. We provide academic support for students ages 8 to adult. Our focus goes beyond simply helping with homework or teaching lessons. KYC instructors foster an environment that allows our students to engage with learning materials in order to be able to learn and think independently. This may include communicating with daytime classroom teachers, advocating for needed services, or even holding individual tutoring sessions. Additionally, we provide after high-school transitional services; we engage students in school and beyond.

GED Teacher Position Description 

GED teachers ensure their students gain the knowledge and skills they need to pass the GED exams. Acquiring a GED gives the student a chance to help them find work and improve their lives. GED teachers must commit significant attention and focus to the course, so their students are successful on the GED exams. 

GED classes cover a lot of academic material in a relatively short time. The main subjects include:

  • Language arts (reading comprehension, writing, and editing)
  • Math (arithmetic, quantitative reasoning, algebra, and geometry)
  • Social studies (geography, civics, economics, and U.S. history)
  • Science (chemistry, physics, biology, physiology, and the scientific method)


Role and Responsibilities

  • Perform an initial assessment of students’ academic capabilities. 
  • Perform regular formal assessments throughout the course. 
  • Lead students through lessons and in-class skill exercises.
  • Assign homework (essays, worksheets, and projects).
  • Assess student progress via their performance on homework, quizzes, and in-class participation.
  • Tailor future lessons and homework based on their assessment of student progress.

*Some students may require out of classroom help. 


Compensation and Schedule

GED teachers have 6 hours of instructional time per week. This is divided into 3 days (either Monday through Wednesday; or Tuesday through Thursday), meaning each day is 2 hours per class. Compensation is $50 per hour.

Educational and Certification Requirements

Qualified candidates will possess:

  • a Bachelor’s degree (preferably in area of desired instruction), and
  • classroom/tutoring experience; or experience giving oral presentations.


Qualified candidates should possess the following qualities:

  • sociable and easy to talk to,
  • patient and resourceful,
  • good at motivating and inspiring students,
  • organized and careful about time management,
  • devoted to learning,
  • service-oriented,
  • thoughtful about interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, and
  • able to express ideas precisely in writing and in oral presentations.